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The birth of Rainy Sky Farm came about when our daughter decided to get Dairy goats. For about 5 or so years our farm name was known as "RKR Poultry Farms". It started out as a 4-H poultry project and grew into a small poultry business. She spent several years showing chickens locally and traveling to Poultry Shows all over Arkansas. She retired from showing chickens we when moved too far away from the Poultry Shows. We have many animals living here on the farm so a "poultry name" doesn't really apply anymore.


We have lots of loving pets on our farm: 4 dogs, 5 cats, 33 chickens, 5 dairy goats, and 4 horses. Our dogs are cow dogs and they love protecting us. One of our cats has a true bobbed tail. The other 3 are pretty much normal cats. Our chickens originally were all purebred show chickens. For the most part, the chickens are basically backyard chickens (there are still a few purebred ones). We have 5 dairy goat. This is our first experience with goats and we are loving every minute of it. Our family loves to ride horses.


We hope that you will enjoy our website and find it helpful in your search. You are more than welcome to contact us with any animal related question. Find us on Facebook too. Don't forget to browse our products page.

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Rainy Sky Farm Gallery of Photos

Taking pictures of animals can at times be very challenging especially of the goats and dogs. The goats want to know what going on and be up close to the camera. The dogs want to sit by our legs while we try to take pictures of them, And of course one of our horses wants to take selfies when the camera comes out. So therefore we may have some pretty odd interesting looking pictures on our photo page.

Our Farm Animals

Nubian Dairy Goats:

Nubian Dairy goats are our daughters newest 4-H Project. We acquired our first two dairy goats in 2014 - Dragon Fly and Daisy. They were born in December of 2013.

We sell Raw Goat's Milk for local pickup only.

Backyard Chickens:

Our chickens started out as a 4-H project that grew into a breeding program for purebred breeds.

We began with Ameraucana chickens. Over the course of 5 years or so we acquired many different breeds, Our daughter showed for several years at various different shows in Arkansas. We sell Fresh Eggs for local pickup and delivery only.

Our Products:

Please take a look at our products page for a variety of items available for purchase.
Feather earrings hand made using feathers from our molting chickens.


Daily Responsibilities:

There is never a dull moment at Rainy Sky Farm. We always have always animals to go feed and refill water troughs / buckets even in the snow.