Purebred Nubian Dairy Goat - Daisy

Daisy is registered with the ADGA.
Daisy came to live on our farm on August 28, 2014. We traveled several hours to get her and her half sister. Daisy had reserve about getting near us. So when it started raining we put her in the cab of the pickup and she was not so happy at all. Daisy's dam is listed to the right.. She comes from great bloodlines. Daisy was born December 23, 2013. She is brown with frosted ears and white star. She came from Oaklahoma (Kathleen Rodgers).

Purebred Nubian Dairy Goat - Dragonfly

Dragonfly is registered with the ADGA -
Dragonfly came to live on our farm on August 28,2014. We traveled several hours to get her. We put her in a dog kennel in the pickup bed.. The clouds began to look pretty bad so we pulled over when the sprinkles started. We put Dragonfly in the pickup with us. She was much more content than Daisy. Dragonfly was born on December 23, 2013. She is light brown with splashes. She came from Oaklohoma (Kathleen Rodgers). Dragonfly was bred to "Cloven Cure Henery" from Old Paths Homestead on February 2, 2015.

Dragonfly gave birth to 3 beautiful doelings on June 29, 2015. Maple Sugar is blonde and is roaning out like her greatdam, Colorado Cedar is chocolate with a white head and white on her side, and Summer Aspen is also chocolate with a brown head with white on her body. All three have been disbudded. Three kids have grown well and are a bundle of joy daily. All three have been supplemented with the bottle so they are very friendly does.

Daisy and Dragonfly's Sire and Dam

Daisy and Dragonfly's Sire

Daisy and Dragonfly

were sired by

"Prairie Nights The Phantom"
Registry # N1630375

Oaklahoma Farm

(Kathleen Rodgers)

Daisy's Dam (middle)

Crosstimbers KN Phoenix Rising
Registry # N1630374


Dragonfly's Dam (roan)

Rehoboth Farm Firefly
Registry # N1630378



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